About Me

Hi there, I’m Jennifer!

Why I do what I do? The easy answer?….because I like to make people happy…..I’m a people pleaser.

However, as I dug deeper, I realized two things...

One is, there’s a certain level of gratification in witnessing a beautiful scene or moment and then getting the opportunity to photograph it. 

To share the raw emotion of a person….young or old……is a privilege.

I love witnessing a sweet and tender moment between a mother and baby or the laughter that comes from a child as they are being tossed high up into the air by their adoring father.

Or.....the loving arms that are wrapped around a grandmother that brings a tear to her eye and a grin to her face…..I want to be there. I want to take that little piece of existence and keep it safe for all to cherish for years to come

The second is, I feel a deep sense of pride looking at old photos of my family. I love to look at these photos and try to imagine what that person was thinking….right at that moment in their life. Were they happy or sad? Were they excited to have their picture taken? I am proud that my family took the time to preserve these moments for future generations.

I often wonder if they realized that a great-grand child might some gaze into their face while holding that wonderful little picture ….?

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